World’s smallest fly spoons, Gold


Tiny Fly Spoons

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Four (4) Ultra-Ultralight Tenkara Fly Spoons, approximately 0.025g each. Gold-toned spoons with #20 hooks.

These are the world’s smallest casting spoons. To give you a sense of the spoon and hook size, the nickel is 21mm in diameter. You will receive lures similar to the one shown. The second photo compares the size of the #20 lure (top) to the #14 lure (bottom).

Legend has it that only with spoons of the #20 size is an angler able to catch the extremely rare nano-namazu!

Free shipping – US only – by USPS first class letter, so no tracking. This lowers the shipping cost greatly and allows me to pass the savings on to you.

Hand-crafted, so not factory perfect in appearance. These are hard to make; soldering the hooks and swivels is difficult. I don’t think the fish will care about the soldering aesthetics, though. Remember, lures are designed to catch anglers!

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Weight 0.25 oz
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in


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