Tenkara Rod, Hongwei, Compact, marked 3m


Compact Tenkara Rod

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Compact Hongwei Tenkara Rod, Light and Long, marked 3m, Carbon FRP, 83g, rod carrying sleeve. Collapsed, the rod is 15 and a half inches long. It’ll fit in a glove compartment!

Note: the actual length of the rod is approximately 2.8 meters or a tad over 9 feet. The rod is marked 300 cm, but that’s if you measure the sum total of the individual segments with no overlap. Almost all Chinese tenkara rods that I’ve seen have optimistic length markings. You should always verify the actual length of a rod if you are thinking of purchasing elsewhere. That said, this is still a nice, very light rod with a long reach. Buy this rod before you drop $300 on a high end rod.

Order of line:  Lillian (the red line at the end of the rod) -> backing line transition -> level line -> tippet -> hook. See the interwebs for specific lines diameters, construction, and knots.

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Tenkara is an easy way for you or your kids to try out fly fishing. It takes about 10 minutes of practice to get reasonably good at casting. Or you can use the telescoping rod as a more convenient cane pole and just relax by the pond.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 4 in


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