Set of Micro Fish Hooks size #22


10 tiny #22 fish hooks

9 in stock



Set of 10 micro fishing hooks, size #22, the rightmost hook in the image, tiny! These hooks are at the small end of the micro fishing range. Size numbers vary among manufacturers so look at the photo to make sure this is the size you desire (the penny is 19 mm in diameter). Hooks are barbed and down-eyed. The hook can be de-barbed with needle-nosed pliers. Condition is New. Shipped by USPS First Class Letter (NOT package, so no tracking) to reduce costs.

Free shipping – US only

I find the USPS highly reliable; I’ve never had an item lost in the mail. However, if you don’t want to take the tiny risk that the hooks don’t make it to you, please do not buy from me.


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