Set of Tenkara Spoons, size #14, Gold


fly spoons #14, gold

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Four (4) Ultralight Tenkara Fly Fishing Spoons, approximately 0.2g each. Size #14 hooks, gold-toned spoons. For a size comparison, the nickel is a little bit more than 21 mm in diameter. You will receive lures similar to the one shown. The second photo compares the size of a #20 lure (top) with a #14 lure (bottom).

The hooks are not rigidly affixed to the spoon, which allows shipping by USPS First Class Letter (so no tracking). This allows me to lower the cost of shipping these lures and pass the savings on to you.

Free shipping – US only

Hand-crafted, so not factory perfect in appearance. I don’t think the fish will care about the soldering aesthetics, though. Remember, lures are designed to catch anglers!


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